“She welcomes him without surprise.
They are without memories, without plans.
Time builds itself painlessly around them.
their only landmarks are the flavour of the
moment they are living and the markings
on the walls.”

La Jetée – Chris Marker

“When we meet someone and feel an immediate connection we can’t explain. The layer we find between us feels like our own soft skin, comfortable, natural, you are familiar with the textures, emotions, smell, weaknesses, and strengths. It is the purest and most transparent connection there is, and yet the catalyst of deep transformation.”

Nermin Tan

What fascinates Nermin is exploring the boundaries between architectural space and the body. And at the centre point one finds themselves in the area of Space of Poetry. The art works of Heidi Bucher, The liquid latex skin walls, defines that fine line between us and the material world for her. In a world where our society is composed in a way where our main focus is on obtaining material wealth and defining ourselves with it. Once we lose all our possessions, only the frame of memories remains. Finding ourselves in the Space of Poetry one has the opportunity to create a new vision and world, obtaining the most luxurious of all, inner peace.

Images: A part of the mood board: Daniel Arsham, Heidi Bucher and Fruitleather Rotterdam

Texture Images: Heidi Bucher and Zaha Hadid
Models: Rick Owens Paris Show AW-16
Embossed Leather Jacket and Knitwear designed by Nermin Tan

Images models: PFW ‘16

Sketches and Concept part 1: I got you under my Skin – Nermin Tan ©

During the presentation of her Design Project I got you under my Skin – Nermin Tan © as an Independent Designer with Rick Owens CEO Mrs. Elsa Lanzo and President at The Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode FHCM, she talked about the research she did on Rick Owens Archive, suggested missing key wardrobe tailoring staples, her view on how to approach a wider audience, adding new sustainable materials and ideas for collaborations. One of the collaborations she talked about in early ‘16 was a collaboration with Adidas. Because of her cultural background, wearing knitted woolen socks at home is a tradition. No shoe rule is because of hygiene and spiritual reasons. But many have the same solution to the same problem. Running quickly outside, with our knitted socks we slip into slippers. It is a hideous look, but practical.

She suggested knitted trainers and knee-length boots. For extensive design and information see the sketch page. After her idea was taken into full production and exhibited during Paris Fashion Week ‘16, Balenciaga followed the trend straight after the RO show.

The second idea was to use marble print on sneakers. Growing up, Nermin was frequently surrounded by home renovations and selecting materials for the interior. She was fascinated by the texture and colours of the gift of mother nature, marble. She suggested using marble designs and use it as a print design for Adidas collaboration. The reason for my suggestion of this collaboration, was to reach a wider audience than only the Rick Owens customers.

Her intentions at the bigger scale were to create an open conversation about how the fashion industry needs to discuss more the impact we have on Nature. How we have to Nurture our Nature, if we want to leave a prosperous future for the Next Generation.

Image: Sancaklar Mosque, Turkiye
She used the extraordinary contemporary Sancaklar mosque as
inspiration for colours and for the vibe and the set of the show.

Images models: PFW ‘16

Research Archive: Nermin Tan

Having done extensive research on Rick Archive’s previous collections and my tailoring background, she recommended adding more tailoring key pieces to their collection. Combining the tailoring with contemporary pieces will give the customer the option to look smart with an edgy touch to it. And most importantly creating timeless pieces to hand over to the next generation.

The work of contemporary artist Daniel Arsham has inspired her a lot for my theme “ I got you under my skin.” His work is full of the unexpected. He challenges our perception of the physical world and what is possible within it. He started making figurative works that allowed the figures to interact with the surface of the architecture or with the architecture itself. The architecture for me is a constructed clothing piece and the plaster drops our emotions. The drops of unexpected emotions, the drops of releasing, the drops of purification.

The Orange is a Red Line throughout the story. Born and raised in the Netherlands, Orange is The Netherlands Royal Blue. Raised with Sufism, Orange is connected to fire and therefore Purity. Impurities are burned in the fire to create New Beginnings.