Nermin’s journey at Huntsman officially started in 2013 being the first female working at the Menswear Design Department in Huntsman since 1849. She has been connected with them since 2011 through Paul Kitsaros Tailoring where she was an apprentice preparing canvasses and first fittings, outsourced by multiple Savile Row tailors.

In 2016, she unveiled a visionary project to Huntsman’s Chairman, charting a course to propel the iconic brand into the modern inclusive era while honoring its rich heritage, capturing the hearts of the next generation by embracing new technology and social media.

Spearheading the Menswear Design department, she reported directly to the Creative Director and Chairman, leading the design and production of RTW collections for SS17, AW17, SS18, and Bespoke Tailoring.

Through her proposal, meticulously crafted in writing and sketches, she spearheaded a project in 2017 with an exceptional team at Huntsman, they established a foundation for the company’s dynamic and modern evolution together.


  • Spearheaded the development of innovative designs that cater to the evolving needs of modern and conscious lifestyle-focused consumers
  • The newly designed H1849 logo, her brainchild, served a dual purpose: it adorned new and existing accessories while establishing a distinctive brand identity for social media, effectively reaching the younger generation
  • Championing both versatility and heritage, she introduced distinct looks like The City Look, Casual Smart, Weekend Look, and Separates, emphasizing the importance of adaptability and key wardrobe staples. This philosophy ensured individuals could be prepared for any occasion while maintaining practicality and upholding the brand’s legacy
  • Leveraging her deep understanding of Huntsman’s heritage, she meticulously developed exclusive fabrics and garments, creating a unique brand experience
  • In 2013, she conceived the iconic Travel Shirt Jacket, drawing inspiration from Winston Churchill’s archive at Huntsman. After meticulous development, she proposed it in 2016 and saw it brought to life in 2017, establishing it as a timeless wardrobe staple. Predicting transformation from traditional Suiting to more Casual Smart wear. This initiative set a new precedent, inspiring many other tailoring houses to follow
  • Led the execution of bespoke design
  • projects, collaborating with esteemed clients like Beaverbrooks Estate, The Rake, and Reebokd, alongside private projects and charity events


  • Inspired by the legacy of Katharine Hepburn, a pioneering woman who redefined feminine attire through her bold embrace of tailored menswear, Nermin championed the creation of “The HuntsWoman” in 2016. This initiative aimed to empower female clientele and staff, fostering a platform for them within the traditionally male-dominated world of Savile Row. Nermin’s frustration with the lack of opportunities for female tailors and designers fueled her vision. After five years of perseverance, she found her chance at Huntsman in 2013, becoming a testament to the potential for change within the industry. Her core belief, “There is no HuntsMan without a HuntsWoman,” powerfully underscores the importance of inclusivity and diversity within the tailoring world


  • Her 2013 e-commerce proposal, prioritizing inclusivity and a seamless customer experience, yielded remarkable results. The proposed platform, complete with a handcrafted mockup, generated financial growth and paved the way for the expansion of the NYC showroom
  • Led the artistic direction, photography, styling, and lifestyle curation for e-commerce photoshoots in SS17, AW18, and various other projects
  • Leveraging strong conceptual and design skills, she created visual concepts and oversaw the overall design process. She actively collaborated with and supported the production team, while also demonstrating hands-on expertise in crafting artwork and layouts


  • Guided the team through a comprehensive process of sourcing fabrics and trims, collaborating with vendors to strategically place styles, and conducting rigorous style reviews and cost analyses to ensure optimal results
  • Collaboratively developed a well-rounded product line with the merchandising team, ensuring it met both design aspirations and commercial objectives
  • Adept at communication and coordination, she played a pivotal role as a liaison, fostering seamless collaboration between manufacturers, suppliers, and pattern cutters across the UK, Italy, Portugal, and the USA.
  • Proactively embarked on regular trade missions and research trips, conducting in-depth trend analysis, prioritizing customer needs through direct engagement, competitor research, and material exploration to ensure the company remained at the forefront of industry innovation

Model: Zackary Peck

Shot by: Alain Schaller

Dorset Ticking Tweed Design

Cashmere Safari Jacket

Sussex Ticking Tweed Design

Cashmere Single Breasted Sports Jacket

“Sustainability starts with connecting and nurturing our nature first. Understanding the process is the foundation, connecting and collaborating is the engine of true Craftsmanship.”

Nermin Tan


Huntsman chairman, Creative Director, and Nermin delved into the brand’s archives, unearthing two long-forgotten tweed designs. These classic patterns were masterfully revived in collaboration with Joshua Ellis, one of England’s oldest cashmere makers, marking a momentous occasion – the manufacturer’s 250th anniversary. United by a shared passion for detail, commitment to quality, and a rich heritage, the collaboration resulted in a limited-edition collection of exquisite tweeds

Exquisitely subtle and sophisticated, yet undeniably eye-catching, the Four Point Star and Ticking Tweed designs embody the quintessential Huntsman aesthetic. Joshua Ellis, England’s oldest cashmere maker, elevates these timeless patterns with their signature sumptuous smoothness, luxurious comfort, and rich depth of color that only cashmere can provide.

Attention to detail during the design and production process ensured the weights and colour palettes were carefully chosen for versatility across a range of climates. These crafted pieces are perfect for the discerning gentleman, whether navigating the heat of Asia or the chill of Europe and the USA

Returning to an old Huntsman tradition, colour variations have been named after the dukes who have graced Huntsman’s client list – such beacons of elegans as Norfolk, Beaufort and Verdura, the great Italian jeweler. At an informal dinner in Singapore, a weekend occasion in New York, or on a trip to the English countryside, over jeans, Khakis or grey flannel, a sports jacket in one of these designs is guaranteed to set you apart.

Our mutual goal was to craft 100% cashmere that rivaled wool in durability and performance. The vision: a versatile sports jacket, elegant yet comfortable, offering enduring performance for the discerning gentleman. This timeless piece, suitable for any occasion, anywhere, would become a cornerstone of his wardrobe.

Bespoke clients can choose from four color combinations of the Four Point Star Design, available in both 320gm and 350gm weights. Ready-to-wear customers can experience a taste of the exclusive bespoke process by selecting from two versions of the Ticking Tweed design.

Established in 1849 by Henry Huntsman, the brand boasts a rich heritage spanning over 170 years. Recognizing the importance of a storied past, Nermin incorporated the founding year, “H1849,” into the brand identity.

This subtle addition subtly references Huntsman’s legacy while offering a touch of intrigue. Embracing the brand’s core values of discretion, elegance, and timelessness, H1849 is applied across accessories, interior design, and sportswear, serving both as a product line and a powerful marketing tool.

Her designs embody timeless elegance, crafted to be passed down to the next generation.

In the past, Huntsman embraced a quintessentially British and discreet approach, forgoing labels and logos. A discerning eye could always recognize a Huntsman cut – the only signature being a subtle “H” engraved behind the horn buttons. This fostered a sense of belonging to a secret gentlemen’s club. In an era saturated by logos, Nermin recognizes the enduring power of quiet luxury. She champions a focus on quality, allowing the garment itself to speak for the exceptional craftsmanship and purpose behind each piece.

Model: Zackery Peck

Shot by: Alan Schaffer


Established in 1849 by Henry Huntsman, the brand boasts a rich heritage spanning over 170 years. Recognizing the importance of a storied past, Nermin incorporated the founding year, “H1849,” into the brand identity.

This subtle addition subtly references Huntsman’s legacy while offering a touch of intrigue. Embracing the brand’s core values of discretion, elegance, and timelessness, H1849 is applied across accessories, interior design, and sportswear, serving both as a product line and a powerful marketing tool.

Since 1920, two majestic stag heads have graced the front room of Huntsman, their origins shrouded in an intriguing tale. Legend has it that a client arrived for a fitting, carrying the stags under his arm. After finishing, he declared he would be back shortly, leaving the stags as collateral while he visited a nearby pub. He never returned, and the stags became permanent residents, watchful guardians of the Huntsman legacy.

Inspired by this captivating story, Nermin collaborated with esteemed bespoke jeweler Mrs. Roshini Aluwihare, founder of Codis Maya, to create a stunning collection of enamel cufflinks. Featuring both stag head and herringbone designs, these cufflinks come in a variety of colors, offering a subtle nod to the iconic residents of Huntsman and a timeless addition to any gentleman’s wardrobe.


Designs by Nermin: cufflinks, concept personal monogram embroidery service on braces, creative direction, photoshoot and styling.

Huntsman Innovative collaboration with Reebok ‘17
Sketches and illustrations of Reebok ambassador Brandin Cooks, American Football wide receiver at WR are made by Nermin Tan.

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During a work trip in ’13, Nermin lost her Hermes scarf she received as a gift from a loved one. While it was an unpleasant event, right there she thought about how amazing it would be to carry the scarf as a lining, forever close to you like carrying Poetry. At the same time, she would work with clients who had exclusive artworks such as Jackson Pollock, Picasso, Francis Bacon and Franz Kline. She would imagine how it would be to carry your extraordinary painting to a dinner party or during travels and share it with the world. Instead of having it on your wall for a limited quantity of eyes to see it. In ’13 suggested to the Creative Director at the time at Huntsman to start a lining project. Some examples of Linings she worked on; Franz Kline, Francis Bacon, Jackson Pollock, Huntsman Stag and the Duchess of Devonshire’s family crest.

A Member of Beaverbrook Golf Club, Huntsman Chairman has seen Cherkley Court transformed into one of the coolest clubs and hotels in the country. This is the place that has played host to countless Huntsman clients in their 169 years of archives, from Churchill and Mountbatten to contemporary bespoke enthusiasts. It is steeped in history. And just like Huntsman, that heritage has been brought up to date in a quintessentially British way. The idea for the collaboration came from Huntsman Chairman and the Beaverbrook team who shared an enthusiasm for exploring these special connections.

The Creative Director chose the Huntsman signature sleek, flattering single-breasted, one-button Dreadnought Blazer. Her contribution was having the freedom to do in-depth research and design the linings, buttons and prepare the presentation. She experienced visiting Beaverbrook, which was Sir Winston Churchill’s sanctuary, as an extraordinary experience for her extensive research. This is also the place where Sir Churchill would plan the battle for Britain’s skies in the Second World War.

She has used Sir Churchill as an inspiration for designing the RTW’13-’14 at Huntsman. She was surrounded by Sir Churchill’s books when growing up and therefore this project was of deep meaning to her. What struck her during the briefing, was that Beaverbrook would be the first Private Members Club in the United Kingdom that would allow females to join the exclusive members club in ’17.

With their Spitfire logo, she chose the extraordinary American aviator Amelia Heart as inspiration and Huntsman client Katherine Hepburn for designing The Beaverbrook ladies’ coat lining. Authentic trailblazers, who did not compromise while standing firmly in their feminine energy and moving forward with their masculine energy carving the path for modern women.