Having studied Conceptual Fashion Design at Gerrit Rietveld Academy and ArtEZ University of the Arts between 2000-2006 in The Netherlands, Nermin knew she would continue her career abroad.

During her third year at Gerrit Rietveld Academy, she bought a single flight ticket to Milan. She informed her tutors that she wanted to do an internship and obtain in-depth experience in the fashion industry. She wanted to apply her experiences to her graduation project. At the time, the university did not offer any internships and Nermin felt that there was a lot of focus on the arts but lacking true insights of working in the industry. She wanted to gain certain insights prior, instead of having a rude awakening entering the industry after graduation. This was against the policy of the university. The tutors and the director of the university only allowed her to come back, if she would give a presentation for the first and second-degree classes. So I did. Since then internships are implemented in the third semester of the course program.

A big part of her drive and inspiration comes from growing up surrounded by her father’s passion for his Bespoke wardrobe and heritage and her mother’s incredible creative problem-solving, love for nature and herbalist background. Therefore it was natural for her to follow a path that would lead her to sustainable fashion and design from the beginning. It is not only a matter of passion, but a way of living.